BBC Documentary on Rebetika Part 4

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  1. [As] the small baylama(1) is playing, I am dancing zeimbekiko (2)
    Bring me the "loulas" (3) so I can "drink"(4) nargile/ hookah
    Since I found myself in your company, I'll smoke in your small room

    (1) a bowl-lute kind of musical instrument
    (2) a type of dance; at the era described in this video, only males danced to it.
    (3) the top of the nargile where they place the tobacco hash
    (4) that's the slang verb used for hash/nargile smoking

  2. Hashis somking "is not openly accepted in turkey". Like greece, it is associated with underworld and lower classes. Also, I think the narrator misunderstood a point. Nargile is not a device to smoke hashish. Peoope use it mostly to smoke tobacco. I do not know the old times, but its current use seems to be limited to tourists.

  3. The baglama is playing and i'm dancing zembekiko
    bring me the bowl* i'm going to drink** aryile
    since we're sat here together i will smoke in your house

    * The bowl of the aryile (loulas) is the top bit where you put the tobacco (or optionally the hashish, or both).
    ** Drink here means smoke.

  4. Παίζει το μπαγλαμαδάκι και χορεύω ζεμπεκάκι
    Φέρτε μου το λουλαδάκι για να πιω αργελεδάκι
    Μια και βρέθηκα μαζί σας θα φουμάρω στο τσαρδί σας

    Pezi to baglamadaki ke horevo zembekaki
    Ferte mu to luludaki ya na pio aryeledaki
    mia ke vrethika mazi sas tha fumaro sto tsardi sas

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